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Who Made My Mask?

I made your mask

We know, it’s Labor Day and we are in the midst of COVID-19 but we still have to ensure that the rights of our workers especially those in Front line are not forsaken. In this “Coronavirus edition” of MAYDAY, we ask “Who made my mask?”.

I made your masks.
Lovis Oduro during our mask production

In this “Coronavirus edition” of #LaborDay, we address two very current problems by asking “Who made my mask?”. With the world on lockdown and thinking about how to address a “phase II” of careful coexistence with the virus, face masks are recommended for the general population.

Two issues, similar to those of fast fashion, arise. The first is about materials and disposal. Millions of single-use, surgical type face masks made of non-woven fabrics are being distributed, used, and thrown away – often as litter on our city’s streets – and this is going to cause a landfill problem.

The second is the ethical side of production: who is making these masks? In what conditions? With the garment business in severe crisis and governments encouraging conversion to meet the demand for masks, many factories are calling back workers. Where sub-minimum-wage pay and poor working conditions were a sad norm before the crisis, one that has caused disasters like Rana Plaza, now this situation is almost a guarantee of potentially fatal infection during coronavirus).

I Made Your Mask

Our New In… SOON

At Ebony By Bernice, we’ve converted half of our production to mask making because of the size of Our production facility. In this way, however, We’re “guaranteeing worker safety, to enable our workers to still earn their minimum wage whilst empowering them with our Ethical Business Model.

Who Made My Mask

Soon Online

In the next days Our Ebony By Bernice Face masks will be available online. 

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