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The Staycation Collection

The Staycation Collection

The Staycation Collection: The term staycation means “holiday where you stay at home”. Being in staycation means doing local activities near your home. This terminology has entered in our vocabulary over the last 18 months.

The Covid 19 pandemic and stringent containment regulations have greatly limited the possibility of traveling, which is why this terminology, to which our new collection is dedicated, means the possibility of taking a vacation in this delicate period whilst imagining being in top beach locations.

The Staycation collection …
… Now let’s introduce you to the #Staycation collection.

The Staycation Collection

Staycation is the swimwear collection launched by us, Ebony By Bernice, all ethically handmade in Ghana, people and environmental friendly with our typical Ethnic Tribal African Print and colours(Yellow, Green, Blu, Orange).

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey in the most famous seaside resorts in the world proposed by The #staycation collection which includes top beach resorts like Sidney, Tulum, Portofino, Puerto Rico, Miami, Capri, Accra and many more..

Purchasing an Ebony By Bernice swimwear, you will have quality guarantee and you will contribute to enhancing the work of Ghanaian women involved in the creation of the swimsuits, from the fabric selectionto the finished product.

This collection includes: High Waist, Bandeau, Brazilian, One piece, Crop Top, and many more.. Browse here in our Staycation collection for more details.