Since 2018, Bernice Boakye Dufie has been creating colourful and whimsical beachwear designs inspired by the Ghanaian culture. It’s this affinity of the Ghanaian culture combined with a desire to do the right thing that has inspired a culture of caring and giving back. From involving Women in its production through Women Empowerment and supporting many local causes, Ebony By Bernice has remained dedicated to making a difference to both the environment and for social justice. 

Now in 2020, Ebony By Bernice is a Social Enterprise company selling in more than 50 countries and is taking the next step in the sustainability journey to do more to make a difference both locally and globally. Leveraging the latest research and development innovations we are working with partners and suppliers to source new eco-friendly materials, fabrics, printing processes and dyeing techniques while maintaining our high design standards for quality, fit and feel. 

Ebony By Bernice will continue its practice of treating employees with dignity and respect, ensuring a living wage and providing opportunities to those who live in underserved communities. We will do more by expanding our programs and ensuring the same standards are provided by our partners and suppliers. 

Ebony By Bernice will continue to lead eco-friendly programs such as beach clean-ups and supporting local causes. We will do more by extending our philanthropic reach both locally and globally by finding partners who share our passion and belief in making the world we live a better place.

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