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Ebony By Bernice

Hi Ebony By Bernice Family,

Hope you are all doing okay, wherever you are in the world! We are very lucky to be based in Vicenza, Italy where things still feel fairly normal when we leave the house, but we know so many other countries and even regions in Italy have stricter rules.

If you are one of our followers from other states, we are sending you so much love and if there is anything we can do to help please reach out.

New Ethically made collection

I’ll be honest, the future of Ebony By Bernice feels uncertain during these times with the majority of the world in lockdown. We have been hit hard…. because really who needs a bikini when everyone is stuck indoors? We aren’t ready to shut our doors though, Ebony By Bernice has been my everything for almost 3 years, she is my baby and she has grown with me. So we have made the decision to push through and design/ethically produce a new amazing collection for the next summer. It was an order to Canada a few weeks ago that really made me think, WOW how far we have come in 3 years, and how much further my team and I want to keep going.

We will be introducing completely new styles and won’t be repeating any current styles, and introducing a really amazing sustainable fabric that we have not used before, and launching some new designs that we hope our Mumma followers will love as much as us 🙂 So if you have been eyeing off a bikini from our current collection, snatch it up because once we sell out we won’t be bringing back ANY of the same styles in new colours. 

Shop Small…. Shop Ethical… Support where you can

It breaks my heart that so many small businesses have had to close their doors and shut down their incomes because of what is happening in the world. Even more heartbreaking in 3rd world countries that depend on tourism to feed their families. Our Suppliers in Ghana  for instance solely  financially dependent on  the Apparel  production and with lot’s of cancelled orders, there are no other sources of income for then, so we are helping them get through this as best we can through our new product line: Ethically made and reusable Face Mask

The state of the world could take a long time to recover from this.

Wherever possible, remember to try to support small businesses. It could be as simple as buying fruit and veggies from the local markets or boutique shops over the larger commercial grocery stores. Your support could mean they stay open.

And again I want to thank you all for being here, whether you have shopped our Ethically made swimwear in the past, followed us on Instagram or liked a photo, or just simply being here on our VIP list, having you in this community means more to me than you could ever know!

x Bernice & the Ebony By Bernice team

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