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Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter

Excited to see US Congress Democrat Leaders wearing scarves made from one of our Ghanaian masterpieces, our colourful Geometric Design Kente cloth to commemorate George Floyd.

Kente cloth designs reflect the history of all Black People and respects the pride of our African Heritage.

At Ebony By Bernice one of our goals is to promote African and Ghanaian culture through our authentic African fabrics, especially Kente.

Democrats wearing Kente cloth

Ebony By Bernice is a Black owned business which supports #blacklivesmatter movement. We don’t just believe it – we are committed to taking actions and work towards long-term change.

Diversity and Inclusion are the founding principles of our Company. We will continue to be proactive and hope that, as a small Swimwear Brand, we can play our part in this important movement for change, and can make a positive impact on all our Stakeholders.

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. This is excellent! It is hugely important to harness the awareness and energy being created by the protests currently to support all the positive initiatives being generated by young black entrepreneurs.

  2. This goes far beyond the commenting! It wrote his ideas while
    reading the post amazingly 🙂
    Best regards,
    Demir Cannon

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