Bernice Boakye Dufie

About Us

Ebony By Bernice is a brand founded in 2017 by Bernice Boakye Dufie. Bernice has been living in Italy for over 15 years and over the years she has noticed that most Africans tend to wear their clothing with the typical colours of their culture only on special occasions, from there she perceived the need to be able to wear these beautiful, authentic and sunny fabrics, even on any occasion such as when lying on the beach.

Bernice Boakye Dufie
Bernice Boakye Dufie Founder & CEO of Ebony By Bernice

Bernice Boakye Dufie passionate about Fashion, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, decided to found Ebony By Bernice. This line is based on Slow Fashion and Ethics. And above all the possibility of collaborating with Ghanaian Women in order to empower them more and more. Whilst also trying to improve their social situations. And at the same time being an ambassador of African / Ghanaian culture with its Colours, its Fabrics and its Liveliness.

Ebony By Bernice’s production approach is oriented towards two main concepts. Ebony By Bernice’s goal is to be recognized as a Slow Fashion Brand, where quality and uniqueness are above quantity and mass production. And to always try the best to be as close as possible to the concept of zero waste.

Today Ebony By Bernice is not only a line of swimsuits. But also accessories such as sarongs, kimonos, protective masks, etc. all Ethically Handmade.